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Adelpha Breast Thermography (Adelpha from the Greek, beloved sister) has partnered with Thermas-Scan Reference Laboratory, the world’s premier source for analysis and reporting of medical thermology. We offer mobile (in-house) thermology services to medical offices, health care professionals and health-minded clinics such as spas, yoga studios and massage therapy specialists as well as in-home Bosom Buddy Parties. Therma-Scan is the most experienced and accomplished provider of medical thermology in the world with the highest technical and professional standards offering their unique services since 1972.

We have used the interpretive services of Therma-Scan for over a decade for our own personal thermograms, valuing this vital service above all others. We knew from the moment we made the personal commitment to educate woman about their choices and bring this valuable service to our community, the level of integrity and expertise we demanded for ourselves was the only service to offer to other woman.


Our Backgrounds

Linda graduated from Grace Hospital School of Nursing, Windsor, Canada. She practiced for over 30 years combined as a critical care nurse in Canada and the US, including several years abroad. With a deep desire for her patients to heal and empower themselves, Linda began exploring alternative methods of maintaining health in 1990. She trained in therapeutic massage and subtle energy techniques before becoming advanced certified in Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET). Since 1997 Linda has also become advanced certified in Bio-SET, Jaffrey-Mellor Technique and the highly sensitive, energetic NeuroModulation Technique. In 1997 she opened "Pathways to Wellness" in Livonia, Michigan with Dr. Fran Sterling, merging with Alternative Health Solutions in W. Bloomfield, MI in 2003 offering the highest standard of allergy elimination healthcare. Today Linda continues offering her services over the phone, enjoys going on location with Adelpha Thermography and as of the fall of 2019 she and Dr. Fran will be expanding services at the behest of Therma-Scan Reference Laboratories by opening a new office here in Michigan (in place of Therma-Scan's Birmingham office).

Fran was in executive recruiting in New York for 15 years when she experienced a healing crisis, ultimately seeking the services of a chiropractor. Inspired by her life-altering healing experience she attended New York Chiropractic College in 1987. She maintained two highly successful practices for ten years before accepting a one year assignment in Michigan for a start-up non-profit organization. Concurrently she met and co-founded a multi-disciplinary center: "Pathways to Wellness" with Linda Allchin. Since then she was recruited as Executive Director of an energy-based allergy elimination seminar business, held administrative roles for two non-profit organizations, remaining as a Board Member of the Conscious Living Foundation, and remains an active consultant in the EMF protection industry. Today she is looking forward to following her passion here in Michigan with the new Therma-Scan of Michigan organization, continuing to bring quality medical thermography to women and men.

To the professional: provide expert quality, mobile thermography for patients, with the premier medical thermology analysis expertise of Dr. Philip Hoekstra. Partnering with Therma-Scan Reference Laboratory assures consistency and reliability vs. other interpretation services who utilize more qualitative rather than the quantitative FLIR615 infrared radiometric camera. Interpretation firms specialize in marketing, training, equipment sales or other businesses. Therma-Scan on the other hand sets the highest standards, specializing in medical thermology,diagnostic clinical imaging and interpretation ONLY!

To the individual: provide private, professional, non-harmful, earliest breast cancer screening thus empowering ​our sisters with a safe and effective choice in their physician’s or health care professional’s office in any of our mobile locations or in the privacy of their home with a Bosom Buddy Party.                      

Integrative or complementary medical practitioners, especially those with interests in anti-aging, bio-identical hormones, preventative care, functional medicine, and health and wellness can now enhance their partnership with patients by offering safe, effective and non-invasive early breast cancer screenings, as well as medical thermology for thyroid and vascular studies in the convenience of their own office. This supports the concept of a full range of comprehensive care individualized for each patient. Unique in the field of mobile thermography, Adelpha fulfills the needs for any necessary follow-up thermology scans as warranted by lab results and referring Doctor’s recommendations. Thus, in addition to the convenience of yearly screening, comprehensive consistency of care is increased when offered conveniently in a trusted and familiar environment: the physician’s office.

Informed women are now requesting thermology from their health care practitioners at greater and greater numbers. Adelpha supports Physicians and Practitioners in offering this valuable, safe, early detection technology to everyone.

We continue to add new locations monthly including Bay City, Brighton, Chesaning, Clarkston, Commerce Township, Dexter, E. Lansing, Flint, Frankenmuth, Grand Blanc, Grand Rapids, Harbor Beach, Howell, Jackson, Lansing, Lapeer, Mt. Clemens, Novi, Olivet, Oxford, Plymouth, Richmond, Rochester, Stanton, Utica, Warren, Waterford as well as offering our Bosom Buddy Home Parties - earning you a free scan.

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